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A healthy and comfortable beanbag for a wonderful rest moment

Sometimes you just want to lay or sit down and recharge yourself. Especially after a busy day at work or school you can use a moment to chill and relax. On a chair you can then sink down, but this can be bad for your back. The Terapy bean bags adapt to your body. This divides your body weight and relieves the pressure points on your spine. That is even more extreme lounging ... You can really relax in a big beanbag from Terapy!

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Relax on a marshmallows cloud

Our beanbags are supported by physiotherapists because of the lighting that our products offer for the spinal column. All our products are made with the idea that everyone should feel as if you can dream away on a cloud full of marshmallows. The delicious beanbags from our large collection are distinguished by the soft fabric, made of durable stretchable cotton of the highest quality. The bean bag filling is also slightly different than with other bean bags. We use developed EPS pellets as a bean bag filling. These granules contain less air, so that the volume is retained longer. Take that moment of rest on a Terapy Elly beanbag or a Terapy Baloo and continue with a charged feeling.

The Terapy family

No boring product names, but a cozy family of Terapy beanbags. Meet our collection of nicest beanbags: such as our most popular beanbag Elly, our big beanbags Terapy Dino or Terapy Baloo, our kids beanbags Sydney or Stanley, and then we also have the Terapy Ollie, Terapy Uli and Toby. All models from our large collection have their own qualities, so you can sit, lie or jump in a beanbag for indoors or outdoors. For example, the Terapy Elly, Baloo or, Ollie are both suitable to sit up straight and to stretch out for extreme lounging. The Terapy Uli and Toby beanbag backrest provide extra support in your back and under the shoulders and arms. And Stanley and Sydney are small bean bags suitable for children. These beanbag models ensure that even the smallest users sit and lie in an active and healthy posture and do not land on the ground. 

A cheerful addition to any interior

That the Terapy Elly beanbag and the Terapy Baloo beanbag sit nicely is one advantage, in addition, the colors also cheer up your interior. Cheerful blue bean bags, green bean bags, red bean bags and much more! Do you prefer a beanbag in a neutral color? Of course we also have black bean bags, gray beanbags and brown bean bags. We also have a number of special editions. These limited edition printed beanbags are an even happier addition to the house. The nicest beanbag you buy at Terapy!

Bean bags for indoor or outdoor

You can use our beanbags inside, but we understand that you also want to lounge in the sun in the summer. You can therefore use the Terapy bean bags inside and outside. Just keep in mind that the outer cover is made of stretchable cotton. Therefore avoid rough surfaces and do not leave the beanbag in the rain. Should the beanbag become dirty, you can easily remove the outer cover and wash it at 30 degrees. If you want to be smeared with sunscreen or get wet, put a towel between them. This way you can keep the beanbag clean. Does the beanbag break? Then you can order new filling with us. Just fill it up and enjoy your Terapy bean bag again.

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